Pop Dose

"A swirling guitar and bass riff envelopes this absolutely great track, which upon first listen makes me think back to The (magnificent) Teardrop Explodes’ legendary and epic “Camera Camera”.  All the markings of an instant classic, “Illuminate Me” is pure pop from A – Z.  From the structure of the song itself; the catchiness of the overall track and the breaks and use of devices like an (unexpected) acoustic guitar interlude, it really satisfies the appetite of any pop fan/appreciator.."


Baeble Music

"We realize more and more just how awesome the record is going to be. With memorable, punchy vocals and electrifying guitar riffs reminiscent of The Strokes, Bad Cop is set to be one of the most badass bands of 2017.."


Paste Magazine

"The hard-hitting Indie masterminds bring to the table a dreamy and slightly hazy sound that will draw you in from start to finish.. Bad Cop thrives with an Indie Rock edge, while being doused in guitars and pop-sensible vocals.."